Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Best Production Base For Medicare Gloves in the world

You Know the Place??? dont know?? want u to know? well , i tell u now, Is located in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province southeast of the town of West Changgggggg, with the largest production and export base of health-care glove - Ssangyong Village. this is reporter during an interview in the town that the current listed first in the world of latex gloves manufacturer in jiran country  with the Ssangyong TOP gloves will work together to build the world's largest village, Medicare glove production base.

It is understood that the production health insurance Shoutao Ssangyong village more than ten years of history,  aloe vera skin gloves. Because the United States, "911" incident of "anthraxxxxx" that made the village health-care glove product exports doubled.

"911" incident, the world economy has slowed down. But Chang the port city of Ssangyong villagers identified the "anthraxxxxxxx," will inevitably bring disposaaaaaable gloves are enjoying decisively invested 50 million yuan launched latex gloves, two works, and developed a vitamin E skin care glove, wet hands can wear gloves to the market . Now the village every day, five 20 feet container shipment.

Toooooown.........., Zhangjiagang City, West Chang Kuo-Shyang Jeng, chairman of agribusiness corporation, said the village last year, health insurance Ssangyong gloves export income for 17.5 million United .Stated. dollars this year, is expected to grow more than doubled.

Recently, Jiran Country , admiring TOP GLOVES Company will work with the village Ssangyong powerful combination of investment 10 million United.Stated dollarssssss launched 40 PVC gloves production line. By then, Ssangyong Village will become the best production base for medicare gloves in the world.

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