Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Emerging Trends In Content Solutions

Content has been a part of all of our communication processes for ages now... be it newspapers (one of the oldest) or the web (latest). And now, every marketing team seeks the right content solutions for their strategies and their brands. The written word has driven communication since the advent of scripts. What has changed is the entire process of packaging those thoughts and conveying them to the target audiences. Here are a few trends that seem to have changed the face of copywriting services, globally –


‘One shoe size fits all' has been defied always and the latest trend in copywriting services – Customization – defies it yet again. In this consumer age, where everyone is spoilt for choice from goods to services, everything is customized, even content solutions are customized. Whether you want a technical write up or lifestyle story, copywriting services providers these days have experienced content writers for every domain. Gone are the days when you could not outsource your marketing content to your competitor's content writers. You can be assured today that content that will be drafted for you will be unique and original.

Customer Care

Yes, customer is the kingof the worldandifyou wish to have standing in your industry, you got to please this king. Until recently, IT was the only domain where customer support and customer care had been given its due. But now, as this phrase has swept across every industry, it is gaining momentum with copywriting services as well. Content solutions today come with value additions of customer support and ensure that the customer is not only satisfied but elated with your performance.

With a Flatter World, even the deadlines are not restricted to any time zone and everybody wants their work done at the eleventh hour. In such a scenario, content providers often have project managers or supervisors (who are ‘always' available for the client). These project managers head their team of content writers to provide prompt and quality driven copywriting services.

Outsource content to India

It is beyond doubt that India is the global outsourcing hub and there are statistics to support this statement. India holds over 60% market share of global outsourcing and a World Bank funded study has revealed that India is preferred outsourcing destination of over 80% US Companies. This trend which was triggered in the IT sector, has also forayed into the service sector and with India having the second largest English speaking population in the world, after US, it is no surprise that more and more companies seek a content partner in India. There are various reasons for off shoring content or hiring content writers or content writing companies from India, one of the main reasons being cost reduction. Copywriters in India offer high quality at lower costs than US writers. Copywriters in India are spread over various demographics and cultures which gives them a wider perspective and the ability to write with different approaches. Second reason could be a difference in time zone, while a US office might want a content draft by next morning; their night would be an entire working day here in India, which enables copywriters in India to yield better quality in faster turnaround times.

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