Monday, April 19, 2010

The rising STAR has born, Luke Bryan

D you Know Luke Bryan?? the man  was one of the winners in the Academy of Music Awards in the ceremony that was held on Sunday in Gambling Town "Las Vegas" . He won the award for his debut album which has just been released. The album, title “Doin’ My Thing,” climbed to the top of the billboard charts right after it was released. The album has received ample critical acclaim, and has also become one of the most popular tracks in recent times.

In order to win the award, Luke Bryan had to fight off stiff competition from other singers, also debutantes, but definitely better known names. He was named as one of the nominees in the category of the Top New Artist along with Gloriana and Joey and Rory, who, it was being speculated by the critics, would be most likely to win the award. Special hopes were definitely being pinned on Joey and Rory. Therefore, it definitely came as a major surprise when it turned out that Luke Bryan had won the trophy. However, although many were surprised, many did feel that it not very unexpected, considering that his album has become highly successful.

Luke Bryan himself was, however, not very assured of the fact that he would be winning in the category of the Top New Artist. In fact, he was pretty certain that he would not manage it, which accounted for the amount of nervousness that he admitted to feeling when he went up on the stage t0 receive the award. However, after he had thanked his parents, it was pretty obvious that he was elated at having won one of the most prestigious awards in the country music circuit.

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