Saturday, May 22, 2010

Calvin Murphy on LeBron James mom and Delonte West and Floyd Landis on Lance Armstrong: Should we believe either of them?

It was a day or revelations in the sporting world, with Calvin Murphy claiming the sizzling internet rumor of an affair between LeBron James' mom and Delonte West was indeed true and with Floyd Landis not only admitting to his own doping but charging that Lance Armstrong was guilty, too.

Murphy cited his own NBA sources, who claim the story of Gloria James and Delonte West having a sexual relationship is true. Murphy said the sources claimed it was so obvious that only James himself and Murphy didn't know about it.

And Landis, who spent years denying any wrongdoing and even wrote a book professing his clean lifestyle, finally admitted to using all sorts of illegal substances while riding. But before he was finished he threw Armstrong under the bus, as well, claiming the national folk hero also broke the rules.

The stories create an interesting quandary. It's the classic boy who cried wolf scenario. Or, in this case, philandering sex offender or blood-doping bike rider who cried wolf. To say that both Murphy and Landis have low credibility is something of a massive understatement.

But couldn't both be right? Is it possible that their stories are true and we're dismissing them only because of the source.

In a word, yes. We are indeed dismissing them because of the source. Until I hear of either story from a reputable media outlet or eyewitness, I'm going to reserve judgment on the situation.

Because if there's one thing Murphy and Landis have earned over the years, it's a healthy amount of scrutiny before taking them at their word.

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