Monday, May 31, 2010

Gaza Flotilla

Israeli army: More than 10 killed on Gaza flotilla

Palestinian fishermen prepare their boat ahead of the expected arrival of a flotilla of hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists trying to sail into the Gaza Strip, in Gaza city, Friday, May 28, 2010. Israel's foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman says the country is prepared to stop a flotilla of the pro-Palestinian activists from reaching the Gaza Strip "at any cost". Greta Berlin, one of the organizers of the effort, said a total of seven ships carrying hundreds of volunteers are now on their way to Gaza. They are expected to reach the Israeli coast on Saturday 

The Israeli military says more than 10 pro-Palestinian activists have been killed after attacking naval commandos who were halting an aid flotilla heading toward the blockaded Gaza Strip.

The army says the soldiers were attacked with knives and clubs as they boarded the six vessels Monday.

It says the violence turned deadly after one of the activists grabbed a weapon from one of the commandos. The weapon discharged, though it wasn't clear whether the activist fired it or if it went off accidentally.

The army says dozens of people were wounded, both soldiers and activists.

Israeli Arab groups say a prominent activist is among the wounded.

Israeli police say they have heightened security around the country.

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