Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Janet Jackson gets 'Nothing' and 'Nasty,' then Lee and Crystal welcome Joe Cocker

Now we find out why the Season 9 Idols lip-synched so many group performances -- they sound pretty awful together as a live choir. Fortunately, Janet Jackson takes over pretty quickly, singing Nothing. Strangely, she's got two mikes -- a handheld and a headset. It's a fine performance.

Ah, here's the reason for the headset mic -- Janet's also going to do Nasty. Quick Idol-related trivia note: Paula Abdul choreographed the original video for this song.

Now, Ryan takes us back to the very beginning, showing clips from Lee's and Crystal's first auditions then following them through their journey together, in a montage set to Sufjan Stevens' Chicago.

Finally, both singers take the stage to the familiar guitar strains of With a Little Help From My Friends, the Joe Cocker arrangement. Joe sings his first line -- and there's dead silence. Joe sings the next line, and Crystal sings the follow-up. Wonder if Lee missed his line, or if his mic went dead. Either way, for a little while there, Joe was getting a little help from just one friend.

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