Friday, May 21, 2010

Julie Bowen Breast Feeding

Julie Bowen's Breast-Feeding Photo Is a Missed Opportunity
Julie Bowen, the star of the hit sit-com Modern Family on ABC, has been in the news the last two days for sharing pictures of herself breast-feeding her twin babies two-at-a-time on a a late night talk show. (Click here for the video.) Bowen used her appearance on George Lopez Tonight to poke fun at herself and described nursing her twins as a great way to lose weight, calling her twins "two liposuction machines" that "suck it all out, the fat."

Now there are stirrings that Bowen and Lopez should not have shown the picture. Another talk show, The View, apparently refused to air the same photo. A Fox news blogger asked in a survey if: "These are private shots that should be kept as such"? (The counterpoint from Bonnie Fuller is here.) So the media filter has reduced the important act of breast-feeding to either an inappropriate form of exhibitionism or a weight-loss technique.

Not to be the one without the sense or humor or sense of outrage, but amid all the attention, aren't there other reasons to breast-feed your kids if you can?

 Actress Julie Bowen arrives at the 67th annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California January 17, 2010. (REUTERS)
Did 'Modern Family' mom Julie Bowen go too far with breastfeeding snap?
Actress Julie Bowen went on George Lopez's late-night show to brag on her twin one-year-old boys.

 She also bragged about the "double football" breastfeeding style she used to feed the tykes - and brought photos to illustrate!.

The "Modern Family" star said she had taken the same picture onto her appearance at "The View," but the ladies refused to air it.


Lopez had no such problem on late night.
A screen-grab from "Lopez Tonight" with the snapshot in question follows after the jump, so you can decide for yourself.

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