Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston, John Travolta Expecting
After the tragic loss of their son Jett last year, John Travolta, and his wife Kelly Preston have confirmed some wonderful news: They're expecting a baby.

CBS News correspondent Bill Whitaker reported Wednesday the couple confirmed the news on Preston's website, saying, "It's impossible to keep a secret ...Especially one as wonderful as this."

Preston, 47, is now three months pregnant. Travolta is 56. The gossip magazine Star first broke the story.

Heidi Parker, of Star, said, "Kelly Preston's pregnancy is a huge shocker. It's a big deal in Hollywood because it's almost like the perfect movie; they had a terrible loss now they're having a miracle in their lives."

Whitaker noted it was in January of 2009 when the family suffered the devastating death of their first born, Jett. The 16-year-old collapsed after having a seizure at their vacation villa in the Bahamas.

To add to their pain, the ambulance driver who transported Jett, allegedly demanded $25 million from John Travolta, threatening to release documents relating to Jett's final hours.

At the extortion trial in September, Travolta testified how he frantically tried to revive his dying son. For the first time, he revealed that Jett was autistic and endured a lifetime of seizures.

Parker said, "They've suffered a lot in the last year. They've been grieving, They've had a very difficult time."

And just last week, the family suffered another terrible loss when two of their dogs died after being hit by a truck at an airport in Maine.
The Travoltas appear on the cover of Star magazine with the headline reading "Miracle Babies." Parker, referring to the cover, said, "John and Kelly, miracle baby. I mean this is incredible for them. What a nice experience for this family that's been through so much."
Family has always come first for the Travoltas who recently starred in "Old Dogs" with their 10-year-old daughter, Ella Bleu. Preston has often shared her love of motherhood, telling the website, "I've wanted to have babies since I was 11."

Kelly Preston pregnant, John Travolta 2 dogs killed at Bangor airport 
“At approximately 1 a.m. on Thursday, May 13, 2010, an airplane carrying members of the John Travolta family landed at BIA. While there, two small dogs were taken for a walk by someone who is not a family member.

An airport service pickup truck was approaching the airplane to service the airplane and did not see the dogs. Unfortunately, the dogs were struck and killed. The airport is investigating the accident. Out of respect for the family’s privacy the city will make no further comment.”

John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston’s 2 family dogs got killed in an accident in Maine , Bangor International Airport.

I don’t know since when do societies start giving a fuss on murdered dogs, but this time the case is remarkable owing to its strange incident. Bangor city’s officers appealed that ‘someone who is not a family member’ was taking John Travolta’s dogs for a walk when the accident befallen.



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