Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Megan Fox Vs Baseball Odds

Baseball Odds Picks Hotter Than Megan Fox or Miss USA Pole Dancing
 Mark Souder is having an affair with a staffer and one of the best handicappers on earth is having an affair with the sportsbooks. Not even Indrani can make something this picture perfect as Rivers is hotter than the Miss USA Rima Fahih pole dancing video.

Fantastic MLB handicapper Matt Rivers says go with the Boston Red Sox plus the coin. They are getting 170 against the New York Yankees according to the MLB baseball odds. Only Megan Fox leaked photos have bigger boobs than those who bet on their own.

Call me stubborn and call me stupid because maybe I am that but Josh Beckett and the Red Sox as a $2 or so dog? I don’t care about any factor, including how the Red Sox never seem to beat the Yankees anymore with last night being the latest example, at this price I’m in.

Obviously I don’t love this play enough to make it a pay play because the Yankees really are much better than the visitors from Boston but to get Beckett and to get still at least a capable Red Sox club with Youkilis and Pedroia and Varitek and a few others in this rivalry spot is a small must play.

CC Sabathia when on is as good as they come. The lefty is a horse and a beast but he was not very good on that last outing at Comerica against the Tigers and may be a little vulnerable here at the Stadium. I’m not at all saying how the last start is going to be the beginning of a slide because it’s probably not going to be but we’re still looking at getting a potential superstar in Beckett and a very good Boston team at a gargantuan takeback.

Beckett has been awful this season and is possibly hurt but he is still “Josh Beckett” and a guy that should have his competitive juices more than flowing tonight. We have all seen how great this guy can be in money situations in the postseason and I can see the righty treat this spot as just that.

The bottom line is that no matter how poor Beckett and his team has been this season they are still both extremely capable and will have my backing tonight at this monster price.

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