Monday, May 17, 2010

Mojo In The Morning

Rima Fakih Pole Dancing on Mojo In The Morning Embarrassment for Muslim Community?
Rima Fakih won a pole dancing contest hosted by radio show Mojo In The Morning in 2007; photos of which have surfaced less than 24 hours after she won the Miss USA pageant. As a Muslim, these pole dancing photo are not exactly ones she wants made so public, and for the Muslim community, surely an embarrassment!
Mojo In The Morning reports that they have been contacted by people from the Miss Universe headquarters asking for more information about the pole dancing contest. They say they asked if her title was in danger, and did not receive an answer.

In truth, the pole dancing photos are no more scandalous than the “glam” shots the Miss USA contest released of the contestants before the broadcast pageant. Indeed, this photo of Rima Fakih on the pole is actually quite a bit more modest than her fishnet-stocking and bustier photo the pageant used to promote her image. If the Muslim community wasn’t embarrassed by that image, then why should this bother them?

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