Thursday, May 20, 2010

Who Got Kicked off American Idol May 19th?

Idol Now Has the Top 2 for Finale
Who got kicked off American Idol May 19? On Tuesday night May 18, 2010 your top 3 idols for season 9

each performed two songs. Knowing we are down to the wire, one
contestant didn't really show the fans he was
in it to win it. This week was extremely important, what were the results? Here's what went down.

Casey James first song was NOT alright with me. This performance completely stunk. Casey was all out of tune, looked extremely uncomfortable, and by the look on his face, I think he knew how bad it really was.

Here Casey had a second shot to give the judges and fans the "Wow" factor by singing "Daughters." However, I felt the song was boring once again. I was a huge fan, but after the last few weeks Casey's talent went down the drain. He is better off modeling. Sorry Casey, you will be kicked off American Idol on May 19 result show.

Up next was Crystal Bowersox. Ellen chose a strange song for Crystal. But you know what, I was quite amazed at how it turned out. The original song "Maybe I'm Amazed" is rather dull, and Crystal kind of made it her own. I wasn't blown away by it, but it was better than Casey's first performance.

Crystal's second song "Come To My Window" was better, but where was the "Wow" factor in it? This is almost the end of the show, and really these performances are just ok.

Last one up is Lee DeWyze. This boy can sing! Here is a guy who started out singing good with hardly any confidence. Then boom, the last few weeks left Lee has turned into an amazing artist with huge confidence in his performances.

Lee performed "Simple Man" and "Hallelujah." All I have to say is "Amazing." Here is your next American Idol 2010 winner.

The top 3 are now down to 2? Who will win?
American Idol Results May 19, Your Top 2 Are

Lee DeWyze, and Crystal Bowersock

Justin Bieber "Baby" and "U Smile" on American Idol with a surprise ending! 
Who got kicked off American Idol tonight? Who cares! We were all prepared for the inevitable. After two bad song choices last night that the producers and judges probably set him up for, Casey James left the American Idol stage. Let this be a lesson to all future contestants to only select songs the general American public is familiar with...and not to pick ones written by artists who tell Playboy they're not into black chicks. There goes a big chunk of your audience right there.

What most people will be talking about tomorrow -- and by "most people" and "talking" I mean young girls who are Tweeting --- is the performance by the special musical guest. (I'll apologize in advance for the cheesiness I'm about to throw upon you.) The AI audience came down with a serious case of Bieber Fever when teen pop star Justin Bieber performed his new song "U Smile" and his hit single "Baby". Baby, baby, baby, oh...I never get tired of this song! Justin probably gets a little sick of it, but he forever stays energetic in his performances. He switched it up a bit at the end of the song, by showing off a skill that non-obsessive fans over the age of 16 may not be aware of. He headed to the back of the stage and shredded on the drums like he was Travis Barker. Not really, but he was pretty good! Check out more drumming from Biebs here. You can watch Justin Bieber's "U Smile" and "Baby" American Idol performances below.

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