Wednesday, June 23, 2010

bleach 409

Lawrenceville Pennsylvania Nuisance Property: Home with 30 cats investigated

bleach 409
Pittsburgh, PA – A Larenceville, Pennsylvania home is under fire for allegedly housing over 30 cats, and creating a stench so strong neighbors are forced to use bleach to overpower the smell, according to reports from The house has been the subject of complaints for the past three years, according to neighbors in the neighborhood.
The home, located in the 5300 block of Holmes Street, was recently inspected by police. Sgt. James Vogel explained, “We got permission to go into the house and the first twelve feet inside the doorway, both front and back doors, were covered with cat feces.”
The officer reported seeing approximately 30 cats, along with trash piles throughout the residence.
A disgruntled neighbor told reporters, “We pour bleach out here, 409, Pinesol, you name it. We do whatever we have to do to keep the smell away.”
The homeowner, Michael Cain, claims to be in the process of cleaning it up. He reportedly wants to sell the home. Cain furthermore told reporters there are only a few cats still living in the home.
Sgt. Vogel told reporters that Animal Control took a cat out of Cain’s truck on Saturday morning though.
Neighbors said Cain and his three-year-old daughter have been sleeping in his truck at night.
Stg. Vogel reported that all the necessary paperwork is finished and referrals have been sent to the proper authorities, including Animal Control, Fire Prevention and Police Narcotics/Vice Squad.
Mr. Cain faces no criminal charges at the time, according to police.

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