Friday, June 25, 2010

doug pitt

Doug Pitt Ambassador of Tanzania or It's not who you know . . .

Doug Pitt the brother of Brad Pitt has been named Goodwill Ambassador of the United Republic of Tanzania. Doug Pitt was honored with the humanitarian award accompanied by his wife, Lisa Pitt the sister-in-law of Brad Pitt in New York City.
The Elder brother of Brad Pitt along with his parents Bill and Jane Pitt who are the parents of Brad Pitt could not attend the ceremony due to Eyjafjallajokull volcano. Doug Pitt is a diretor of charity who supplies fresh water to Africa.
"He truly deserves this honor."
I mean why does he truly deserve this honor? I can think of lots of people who help in Africa. A student of mine just returned from there. Many doctors I know give up their summers to work with the sick in Africa. Why does Doug Pitt deserve this honor? Because he's Brad Pitt's brother. He is the son of Brad Pitt's mother, and he is the son of Brad Pitt's father.
I'm finished. I sure he deserves an honor but the brown ring around some people's nose's makes me ill.
He is good looking!

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