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Freshman Father

Drew Seeley In The Hallmark Channel’s “Freshman Father” Movie Recap And Review
Drew Seeley stars in a Hallmark Channel Original Movie called “Freshman Father,” as the character John Patton, alongside a number of actors:

- Brittney Irvin as Kathy Patton
- Annie Potts as Dorothy Downs
- Kim Zimmer as Dean Frost
- Kimberly Clarke as Nurse
- Nhi Do as Classmate
- Raymond Law as David
- Craig March as Tim
- Melanie Papalia as Michelle
- Katie Seeley as Beth
- Anthony Shim as Danny
- Barbara Tyson as Marion Blair
- Scott Walker as Professor Vail
- Peter Albert Weir as Harvard Graduate
- Calum Worthy as Peeter
- Victor Zinck Jr. as Nick
 The movie opens with a high school prom where Kathy is crowned the prom queen and John is crowned the prom king. We have a feeling things are about to get a whole lot more complicated for this couple soon…

In the bathroom after being crowned prom queen, Kathy is told by a jealous classmate that her life has peaked and she will be nowhere a year from now. The jealous classmate claims that John will leave her and she will be alone.

John promises Kathy after a walk together outside of prom that he will not forget her when he goes to Harvard and they both profess their love to each other.

Over the summer Kathy finds out she’s pregnant and tells John. After discussing their options the couple decides to keep the baby that Kathy is 8 weeks pregnant with.

John’s mom talks to him and says he shouldn’t give up his dreams of going to Harvard. But will he be able to do that and be a father at the same time? John and Kathy get married and they make a plan to go to Harvard together and live in student housing and raise the baby together. And a few months later, off they go!

They move into their new home in Boston near Harvard. Once there, John learns that if he doesn’t pass his classes he may have his scholarship pulled because of his new marital status. On top of going to school and spending time with family, John has a job at the Harvard book store. Kathy gets a job as a bank teller to help support the family also.

While doing the laundry, Kathy finds John’s calculus test, and he got a D. Remember, he has to pass all of his classes to keep his scholarship. John apologizes for not telling Kathy the truth about the test and she tells him he is setting the bar too high.

Now it’s Christmas and Kathy and John are having some difficulties. Kathy wants to spend more time together, but John is really stressed out and busy between school and having to work all the time to make money for their growing family.

At a Christmas party John gets pulled aside by his teacher, who tells him that he flunked the final. However, the teacher has decided to pass him in the class with a D, but urges him to avoid calculus next semester.

Kathy goes into labor and they have a super cute baby boy – aww we love this movie! They name the baby Adam.

Even though his calculous teacher and the Dean tell John that he should drop calculus, he refuses. His character is so strong through everything he is going through, between taking care of the baby, working at the bookstore and going to school, not to mention, Kathy is taking Aaron home for a week to visit her family while John continues his hectic schedule in Boston.

Kathy gets back from visiting home and she seems really stressed out. And it doesn’t help that John isn’t doing well at calculus this time around either.

Uh oh. Kathy and John get in a fight because Kathy doesn’t want to be there anymore because she didn’t develop the bond with Adam that John did. Kathy says she made a huge mistake and she wants to go home and leave Adam with John.

This is so sad. Kathy’s bus pulls away and we now see John taking care of Adam, going to school, and time out, how cute is this baby! Awww!

John begins using a tutor for his calculus class. But will he be able to raise his grade?

John loses his student housing after Kathy moves back home, so he and Adam begin apartment hunting. They find a room for rent at a psychic’s home, Dorothy. Things finally seem like they’re looking up for John, until he is forced to bring Adam with him to a test – but instead of getting mad when Adam begins crying, the teacher asks the class to sing “The Wheels On The Bus” to put Adam back to sleep. Precious.

We love that even though Adam doesn’t always believe in himself in his circumstances, his loved ones all do. He has an amazing support team!

That is, until Kathy stops picking up or returning John’s phone calls. John starts to cry and we automatically get tears in our eyes – best to watch this movie with a tissue box!

John gets called into to the Dean’s office, but for what? Turns out the Dean saw John and Adam in the drug store when John was buying medicine when Adam was sick. The Dean says she realizes that she was wrong to judge him and that she now sees how deeply he loves his son. She says there is an honor in getting an F in calculus because he put his child first. She gives him a bit more flexibility in his schooling and a second chance. Honestly, as soon as Drew Seeley tears up so do we!!

Three years later we see John graduating while the Dean looks on. Aww, Adam is so old now! The crowd gives them a standing ovation as the two of them receive their diploma.

This was the cutest movie ever, and we love that it was inspired by a true story. Did you watch?

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