Sunday, June 6, 2010

Herbert Hin Wong

Fugitive Porn actor Steve Driver leaps off West Hills cliff, dies
A porn actor on the run, suspected of killing Herbert Hin Wong, aka Tom Dong, 30, a fellow porn actor with a sword, has died after jumping from a rocky hillside after a standoff with police.

Local Los Angeles news affiliate KNBC showed the graphic footage of the day long stand-off between police and Stephen Hill aka Steve Driver, who was perched in an isolated area of Chatsworth/West Hills, just west of Topanga Canyon and south of the 118 freeway.

SWAT officers spent part hours in heat that neared 100 degrees trying to talk Hill into their custody and to relinquish his sword. From the tape shown on KNBC, it appeared that police tazered him.

Hill faced murder and attempted murder charges in Tuesday's attack at Ultima adult DVD production center in Van Nuys, California, also his place of residence

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