Saturday, June 5, 2010

John Wooden’s pyramid is still a huge hit

Wooden started his career as a young age as a high- school teacher. There he developed a “Pyramid of Success”, which is still very famous with the coaches today.

The pyramid is all about differentiating success with achievement. Woods related success to the potential of the people and tried to make a line between success and that of achievement, wealth or fame.

He gave 14 years to build his “Pyramid of Success” in which more priority is given to “Industriousness” “Enthusiasm,” “Skill,” and “Poise”.

His pedagogy through the “Pyramid of Success” was very famous with the coaches, and even in his ‘90s, he used to mail out more than 1500 pyramids each year to the coaches.

Some of his close friends asked him to copyright his pyramid, but he denied stating that marketing is something not his part of living style.

In the year 2005, Pat McLaughin, a UCLA graduate, developed a character-education program at Newport Beach elementary school. The program was inspired by his book, “Inch and Miles: The Journey to Success” and his “Pyramid of Success”.

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