Sunday, June 20, 2010

Justin Bieber pregnant

Justin Bieber pregnant with Baby - Biebs gets slammed online again! (VIDEO)


It appears a Twitterer or other internet user has started up the vicious rumor that Justin Bieber is pregnant. I'm not sure if it's due to his romp in the Bahamas with Kim Kardashian, or that he was abducted by aliens, but I think we all know it's physically impossible for Biebs to have a kid. I guess it was meant to be funny by whoever started it, but it really is kind of a lame rumor to start. The only other explanation I can come up with is someone saw a Bieber article discussing his hit song "Baby" and misunderstood.

Justin Bieber seems to be a popular target for celebrity rumors that go viral lately. In the past few weeks he's been listed as dead, then he was said to have an STD, then it was a trend that he broke his neck, and now he's pregnant. I wonder if it's fun to be Justin Bieber, or if his life keeps getting crazier by the minute.

Today the internet is just full of nasty celebrity rumors. It must be boredom because kids are stuck home on Father's Day. As of now we've not only got the Justin Bieber pregnant rumor, but also "oprah removes sixth toe" and "megan fox molests black baby". The only one which appears like it may have merit is Oprah's toe. The others are just negative publicity started by some random hater. Let's hope this won't be the start of something continuous for the Summer of 2010!

Here is Justin Bieber with his popular music video for "Baby" featuring Ludacris.

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