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Kyle Boller

Kyle Boller: Carrie Prejean Boyfriend

kyle boller

Quarterback Kyle Boller is Carrie Prejean boyfriend, actually after this weekend you can call him her husband. I have your attention now right because you are wondering who the heck would marry Prejean, well never fear I am here to tell you all about Kyle which of course includes some pictures and a video of this hottie.
The hunky football player Kyle Boller is Carrie Prejean’s boyfriend but only for a little while longer as the two are rumored to be tying the knot this weekend in San Diego. Kyle and Carrie became engaged in February after a year and a half of dating. It is interesting timing given the fact that Kyle will be vying for a spot as back up quarterback with the Oakland Raiders when training camp begins. Certainly hope the wedding doesn’t distract him this may be his last chance to keep playing.
If you aren’t a huge football fan you probably haven’t heard much about Boller. Let me tell you about him. The Burbank, California born and raised Kyle was born to play football. He proved he was a force to be reckoned with during his days at William S. Hart High School, he was even the California State Player in 1998. Boller at one time was compared to the great John Elway during his school days. Kyle spent his college years playing for University of California.
Carrie Prejean
Boller was the first round draft pick for the Baltimore Ravens in 2003, however his first season was cut short when he was injured in the thigh during the ninth game of the season. He made a great recovery and started in all games during his second season with the team. In fact he had career highs during that season. During his third season with Ravens he was yet again injured, this time it was turf toe that put him on the can not play list for seven games. Kyle fully recovered from his injuries and went on to play for the Ravens until 2009. He continued to try and prove himself despite rarely being the starting QB.
In 2009 Kyle became a free agent and signed with my favorite team the St. Louis Rams. Unfortunately for the Boller the Rams were a disaster during that season and he was unable to make any sort of lasting impression. After his disastrous year with the Rams Kyle recently signed with the Oakland Raiders.
Kyle Boller may be Carrie Prejean boyfriend or future husband but he is clearly more than that, he is a football player who has worked hard to have a career in the sport he loves.

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