Saturday, June 26, 2010

lunar eclipse june 2010

Lunar Eclipse June 2010, Astronomical & Celebritial Eclipse


This weekend would be unique for star gazers as a partial lunar eclipse is going to take place on early Saturday morning at about 6:17 EDT when moon will pass through earth’s shadow thus partially becoming dark or gray.
To feast your eyes with this natural phenomenon you have to sacrifice of your few hours sleep but if your eyes are well accustomed with artificial phenomenon then there is another that has coincided with lunar eclipse. Yes, Twilight Saga: Eclipse is also taking place on this weekend and if you are a lucky enough then you may enjoy two eclipses at this weekend.
But how it would become possible for us to feast our eyes with two eclipses? Well if you are in Los Angeles then there are chances as The Twilight Saga is going to premiere in Los Angeles on Thursday and in a bid to get more than due publicity for the upcoming flick, Summit Entertainment and Moviefone have decided to host free screenings of the first two Twilight movies.
Hurrah! You can have Twilight and New Moon before you feast your eyes with Eclipse on 30th of June and these screenings would include red carpets, photo booths, music and other activities like cast appearance while cities hosting these screening events include Vancouver, Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Toronto, Miami, Portland, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, St. Louis, San Diego, Seattle, and Washington.
Lunar Eclipse 2010 and Eclipse 2010 are on their way and if you want to eat it and have it then time is the crucial factor. To witness lunar eclipse 2010, you have to get up early and to witness twilight you have to spare time as screening events would be served on first come first served basis.

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