Saturday, June 5, 2010

McDonald’s Recall

McDonald’s have recalled their 12 million glasses containing sketches of cartoon characters from movie “Shrek Forever After” after traces of cadmium found on them. The price for each glass was just $2. Cadmium is a dangerous element that causes humans cancer, kidney problems, bones problems and other ailments. The reports of The Consumer Products Safety Commission say that there are less chances of any harm to children with it but the action was actually initiated following another recall that started in January when traces of cadmium were found on 55,000 necklaces on children’s jewelry. All of these necklaces were sold at Wal-Mart stores. However, the fact is, the traces of cadmium found on McDonald’s glasses were far less than what they had been found on jewelry necklaces.

Don Mays is senior product safety director and he says that cadmium is being used in many products to replace lead that is actually more dangerous for humans and health specialists are rejecting it in almost every field. It is just the beginning and the experts are keenly associated with this process and they are thoroughly examining the effects of this replacement. The only problem in this regard, are the laws made by government. According to government rules, cadmium can only be used in toys.

Scott Wolfson, Consumer Products Safety Commission spokesman, say that McDonald’s is itself very conscious in these matters and they want to protect the children of nation. Out of 12 million glasses that were sent in markets in USA, approximately 7.5 million had already been purchased by consumers.

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