Sunday, June 6, 2010

Millbury Ohio Tornadoes Latest: 7 killed and more injured

There were severe weather conditions today in Millbury Ohio, and also parts of Illinois and Michigan after tornadoes and thunderstorms swept across the Midwest overnight. Sadly 7 people have now been reported dead, with more people hospitalized with injuries.

The storms swept across the region devastating homes and also damaging a highschool gym where graduation was to be held on Sunday. A police station was also damaged. A spokeswoman at the Mercy hospital, Gloria Enk reported 8 people treated and allowed to go home, according to John Seewer on the Associated Press.

The seven deaths reported were all in Ohio but there were many more people with minor injuries in Ohio, Illinois and Michigan. Mark Hummer, the Lake Township Police Chief revealed that the buildings in the area have all been checked and there are no reports of anybody missing. However other areas such as fields and woods have yet to be searched.

For more on this go to Associated Press. Have you been affected by the tornadoes and severe weather conditions? If so we’d be interested to hear of your experiences and how you coped with it?

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