Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MLB Draft Tracker 2010 – Major League Baseball Draft Results

MLB Draft Tracker 2010 – Major League Baseball Draft Results. As Day 2 of the MLB Draft 2010 continues, one could say that stars are being born.

Despite the fact that the top round of the MLB Draft gets the most attention, the later rounds are equally important for the recruiting of well rounded baseball teams. And, as many baseball fans realize this, many of them are tuning in today to listen to the 2010 MLB Draft Tracker on the MLB website.

The MLB Draft Tracker offers a scrolling list of all of the latest MLB Draft picks. The list can also be sorted by Round, Team, Name, or position. The 2010 MLB Draft Tracker also offers live audio from the draft, so fans can actually hear their favorite teams select their newest players.

Today’s segment of the MLB Draft 2010 started around lunchtime with the second round of the MLB draft. It is expected to continue through round 30. Tomorrow, the MLB Draft 2010 will resume where today left off, and proceed through round 50, the final round.

Fans can find the MLB Draft Tracker 2010 on the MLB website at this link.

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