Monday, June 7, 2010

New iPhone

Apple May Announce a New iPhone Today: Is There Too Much Media Hype Surrounding Apple Products?
Apple may announce its latest iPhone model today. CEO Steve Jobs is expected to speak at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, a forum he has used to launch previous versions of the device. Apple has released new models every summer since 2007.
Few people are expecting any real surprises from an iPhone announcement because, as you'll remember, a model of the phone was unveiled in April by the technology blog Gizmodo, showing the phone to have a front facing camera and a slightly different form factor, among other features.
If it is released today, it will be met with a flurry of media attention. Blogs, newspapers and TV cameras all stand ready to parse each feature. The leak of the iPhone model was met with days of coverage from countless outlets, although Apple barely acknowledged the incident. And, of course, this spring's announcement of the iPad rolled into Apple stores with, some would say, a wave of free publicity.

Customers look at the Apple iPhone 3GS at the company's retail store in San Francisco, California June 19, 2009. 

So, our question to you today: Are you excited to learn about Apple's new iPhone, or do you think there's too much media hype surrounding a product announcement?

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