Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Palermo Argentina

Palermo Soho and Palermo Viejo is one of several subdivisions of the Palermo neighborhood, one of the more extensive and attractive neighborhoods in the city of Buenos Aires.

His Soho denomination due to its characteristics edilicias and the bohemian spirit that permeates the streets and cafés. Also is known for its bookshops and fashionable restaurants in the last years.

Despite being the oldest in Palermo ms, is not neglected because in the last years has invested heavily in its reconversin. 
palermo viejo

This area is ideal for a stroll through its leafy streets where we can find recycled old houses, modern shops respect the traditional facades, craft fairs and in
July Cortzar Plaza (also known as Placita Serrano) or Plaza Palermo, restaurants and bars that keep the spirit of the original structure but with innovative decor.

In Palermo Soho find the most diverse alternative gastronmicas: Mediterranean cuisine, Armenian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, international, and more valued by tourists, the grill Argentina. Food is not expensive, there are options for all budgets but the common characteristics is the high quality of dining and submission.

Whether evening or at night, we can take to a drink in one of the cafés and bars around the Plaza Serrano. The majority has outdoor seating where you can sunbathe, smoking (as in commercial premises is forbidden) or simply watch the constant stream of visitors who walk the streets of Palermo.

Innovative Design
The avant-garde design is present in the many stores selling furniture, lighting fixtures and furnishing.

Also it is noteworthy that this area is characterized by local clothing and accessories. Adems of local traditional major brands, we found a large number of local independent brands, sold in exclusive designs, novel and even limited editions.

Palermo nights are very active. Both tourists and local visitors who flood the streets, often turn upon the various pubs in the area before rounding off the evening in one of the disks in fashion. This neighborhood is more choice for young people for its various entertainment options: find independent theaters, live shows and musical performances of bands in pubs.
Palermo Soho is an ideal place for all types of shopping: clothing, decoration items, furniture, accessories, candles aromticas, shoes and body care products, among others.

Where to stay: Accommodation in Palermo Soho
The options are diverse, there is one for every budget. For those who prefer complete privacy, the best option is to rent an apartment. If you prefer to be in direct contact with other guests, share experiences and save money, you better be staying in Hostel in Palermo, while an option as the Economic not be staying in a Bed and Breakfast. At the end of Article encontrars link to Buenos Aires Hostels where encontrars the best options.

In the nearby
It is customary to visit other parts of Palermo and Palermo Hollywood (where Also find restaurants and shops of all kinds), the Zoolgico of Palermo, the Planetarium (Astronomical Observatory of the city), the Garden botannical, the Evita Museum (in honor Eva Pern), Malls (Alto Palermo and Paseo Alcorta), the Garden Japons of untold beauty and Palermo Forest, pulmn of the city, ideal for outdoor sports activities like riding a bike, jogging, rollerblading or just walking in walking.


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