Sunday, June 20, 2010


Scoundrels Premieres At ABC

Scoundrel launched its premiere episode at ABC. It was overwhelmed with controversy because of the cast shakeup; David James Elliott was replaced by Neal McDonough. Whenever a cast shakeup happens, people raised their eyebrows in wonder whether it will be a quality show. The shows pilot episode has some twist that can be worked out. It is about a family with tilted family values.

Virginia Madsen, the “Sideways” star, played the role of Cheryl. Cheryl, the mother of the West children, was a willing participant in the family’s criminal dealings but after watching her husband being sentenced for five years she decides it’s time the family walk a straight path. Her dilemma is that her family had been accustomed to their way of living that she might have a hard time convincing them to turn to a different page.
Virginia Madsen lugs the show while the kids are bright spots. Part of the pilot episode shows the kids use their con talents to get what they want. The kids have different personalities and desires but they have one thing in common: they are all “Scoundrels.” The kids make for some fun twists on the con games.

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