Sunday, June 6, 2010

Steve Driver

Porn actor Stephen Clancy Hill aka "Steve Driver" dies in police standoff
News reports last Tuesday told of an enraged porn actor from Ultima DVD Inc who went on a violent rampage, killing one co-worker and injuring two others. The man, Stephen Clancy Hill, who went by a screen name of "Steven Driver", then fled from the area and set off a police search for him. His story has apparently ended just recently after an 8 hour police standoff. 

According to a variety of sources including BBC News and ABC 30, the police standoff came to a tragic end on Saturday. Hill had been surrounded by a SWAT team in a residence located around Azul Drive in West Hills. The 34-year-old reportedly fled the home and climbed a nearby hill area, threatening suicide. The police standoff with Hill continued for 8 hours, with police surrounding him on the cliff area. He reportedly had a sword with him which he threatened to use to kill himself.

At about 5:30PM local time, Hill attempted a jump from the cliff, with an officer firing a taser or beanbag gun at him to attempt to subdue him as he went over the edge. The fall reportedly killed Hill, bringing his capture to a tragic end.

Hill had been working as a web designer and part time porn actor for the Ultima DVD Inc. company, while also living at the main offices. He had been told he had to find a new place to live and work by last Tuesday. The actor reportedly went into a rage attacking co-workers with a prop sword, killing one 30-year-old co-worker and injuring two others who intervened. He was said to have a history of violence, including threatening a teaching assistant in college back in 1998 with a gun.

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