Saturday, June 5, 2010

Undertaker died: Is it true or just humor?

Lots of World Wrestling Entertainment fanatic are very much concern about the news that “The Undertaker” died. There are lots of people who are searching in the internet to know whether the news about Undertaker is true. Mark William Calaway or also known as “The Undertaker” is one of the best known American professional wrestlers. He has been showing up at the show of Smack down brand.

So to clear things up, “The Undertaker” is not dead and it is just a false humor that is circling around the net. There has been no response from the family of Undertaker and from the WWE authorities on the said matter. Undertaker is indeed one of the popular names in the wrestling industry and he is considered as the most feared person in the arena. He is one of the wrestlers who are very famous and creating changes and history. There are lots of fans who are very much awed with his kind of strength and tactics when he is fighting. He has a good body built with his height of six feet and ten inches. He weighs for about three hundred pounds. Having this kind of body features he is indeed one of the large athletes. It is also amazing that despite this body he is still fast and undeniably quick in his maneuvers. He is also known with his favorite move which is the tomb stone pile driver.

If you are the one of the people who has witnessed the last show of World Wrestling Entertainment’s Smackdown then I bet you know the reason for all the humor. The general manager of the show came out and said to the people that Undertaker was not in a good condition. In fact he said that Undertaker is in comma because of the injury that he has in the last fight. In line with this, he will not be allowed to compete in the next fatal 4-way match. The general manager said that Rey Mysterio will be taking the part of Undertaker.

Another thing that happens is when his brother Kane came out and said that he will avenge for his brother. He said that he will surely make a way to treat the person bad that has caused his brother those injuries.

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