Saturday, June 5, 2010

Undertaker Died

The hottest search on the net right now is whether the Undertaker died or not. The undertaker is considered as the most feared person by any wrestler in the World Wrestling Entertainment. He has been creating history in the World Wrestling Entertainment ever since he joined it. He has been reining the World Wrestling Entertainment. He is about six feet and ten inches tall and weighs about three hundred pounds, although being a large athlete he is still very quick in his maneuvers. His favorite move is the tomb stone pile driver.

On the last show of World Wrestling Entertainment’s Smackdown the general manager of the show announced that the Undertaker has been found in a critical state. He was found in a kind of comma and was badly injured. For the same reason he shall not be able to take part in the fatal 4-way match and he announced that Rey Mysterio shall take part in the match in his place.

The news made his brother Kane very angry and he came to the ring and announced that he will treat that person badly who has caused his brother those injuries.

There is no actual news that the Undertaker is dead, he just did not appear on Smackdown due to his injuries. If the Undertaker died there will surely be official announcements by his family and the World Wrestling Entertainment. A number of fans know that the Undertaker died is news is just a rumor. There is no such evidence to prove that the Undertaker has died.

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