Tuesday, June 22, 2010

what did mcchrystal say

What did McChrystal Say? Why We Love our Non-Politically Correct General McChrystal

what did mcchrystal say

In an article by Rolling Stone magazine that came out online today and hits newsstands Friday, General McChrystal had some very Unpolitically Correct things to say about Washington. While he did not criticize President Obama directly, he does mention being disappointed when he first met him after he took office. He said the president did not seem very “engaged.”
Probably his worst comment was about the Vice-President, when he pretended to not recognize the name “Joe Biden.”
The main problem with the whole article is simply that it shows a brutally honest general who always says what he’s thinking and means what he says. Exactly the kind of guy you want fighting for you in a war! But not the kind of guy you want be interviewed by anyone, or standing in for you as a diplomat.
He is supposed to have a diplomatic partner who would be handling all the political and diplomatic sides of the war so he can focus on fighting, and he discusses that fiasco with Rolling Stone as well, which was surely not politically correct. He said he feels betrayed by Ambassador Karl Eikenberry, who was assigned by the White House. He thinks the ambassador has been trying to cover his own rear end, rather than doing his job.
So while General McChrystal did not win any awards for public relations, diplomacy or political correctness, he wins a gold star in honesty, integrity and for doing his job…which is fight insurgents, not mouth the party line.

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