Wednesday, June 9, 2010

World of Warcraft's Remote Auction House enters beta

Do you have a need to be on top of your auction house sales in World of Warcraft? Blizzard's Remote Auction service has just hit beta and will soon allow anyone to buy and sell from their server's auction house outside of the game.

Every player will be able to browse the auctions currently in progress while getting various status updates and notifications such as winning a bid, being outbid, viewing the items on your character, and more. Those who put down the $2.99 premium on top of their subscription fee will be able to put up (or cancel) an item for sale from the character's inventory and bank, bid and buy out auctions, and collect gold. All paid features are available for 30 days since the time of purchase.

Right now there's only 25 transactions allowed per day but that limit will go way up to 200 once the service goes live. Those interested in using remote auctions will have two ways of doing so: through a web interface on PC or a dedicated app for iPhone/iPod Touch. If you're jaded over the whole flying mount deal, you'll be happy to know the app is free to download.

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