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justin bieber born in 1998

Justin Bieber born in 1998

Justin Bieber Born in 1998 - Whats wrong with the date of born Justin Bieber, absolutly all Bieber Fans know about Justin Bieber Birth Date is in MARCH 1 1994.Those Bieberettes or Beliebers, as Justin Bieber's fans is already know this.In an interview with Canada's QMI Agency, Greg Leuch said he invented 'Shaved Bieber,' an add-on to the Firefox browser, with the help of Free Art and Technology Lab after he read complaints of so-called "Bieber fever" online and received pleas from his buddies.

Justin Bieber Born in 1998
"One said, 'Dude, you have to do something so I can quit seeing Justin Bieber online,'" Leuch told the Sun, a division of QMI. "I was like, 'Damn, I can do this.'" He finished the task six hours later, according to the report.

QMI's Don Peat writes: "He's taking the threats in stride and has posted them online as they appear. Other fans have been reduced to tears by the new application. One Belieber used her Twitter account to tweet the horror of having the Internet without Justin Bieber after her parents downloaded the program."

"Mum put that shaved bieber thing on all our computers!" she tweeted. "I'm like crying, I hate u sooo much mum."

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