Friday, May 28, 2010

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City musicians are launching websites to promote their music 

Musicians across the world have woken up to new technology, using it to launch their domains and convert the virtual space into something personal. Musicians in Chandigarh cannot be far behind and have followed suit, taking steady, measured steps to do the same. Recently, city musicians Anup Kumar and Hemant Kumar of Kumar Bandhu launched their website, at the Press Club. “It took us a while to understand the nature of the internet and use it to spread information and awareness about our kind of work and music,” say the brothers, who render bhajans and sufiana kalams. Through their website, they aim to educate people about their music.

“Releasing an album is frightfully expensive. This is where the internet can come in quite handy. Not only can one upload exclusive information, there are constant updates, contacts and music download options,” says music director Atul Sharma, who is also planning to launch a website featuring his work, albums, singers and films.

“From streaming music, downloading, tuning into samples to booking shows, contacting musicians, keeping a copyright, a website not only behaves as your personal PRO, but as a space dedicated just to you,” says musician and producer Hari Singh of city-based Hari Chutney and Hari-Sukhmani duo. “We plan to have a website that will be a one-stop shop when it comes to selling and talking about your music,” he says.

City-based band Fire ‘n’ Ice’s member Ondry Paul agrees. Already running the Pauls School of Music in Sector 10 with his brother, Paul feels that a website is one of cheapest and most effective tools of promotion, especially for musicians. “Social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace are a clutter. They have a zillion links and it’s hard to trace one particular act or outfit whereas a website makes it easier,” says DJ Sameer, whose website is under construction.

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