Monday, June 7, 2010

Latarian Milton, Hoodrats and The Boondocks

What does Latarian Milton, Hoodrats and The Boondocks Season 3 had in common? Well all of them have cigarettes and defines the 7-year old kid named Latarian Milton.

Latarian Milton became a newz buzz in 2008 when he stole his grandmother’s SUV and went joyriding with a friend. But that was not the first time in September he was involved in a Walmart public scandal when he threw chicken fingers at her grandmother. Laterian Milton was then taken to a mental institution for evaluation.

The kid was also seen using cigarettes and in various instances tried to imitate the actions of Hoodrats. “I wanna do it ’cause it’s fun. It’s fun to do bad things… But I wanted to do hood rat stuff wif my friend,” says Milton during an interview.

Hoodrats are those who usually cause trouble on the streets and originate in London. They are also known as Rudeboys/girls. Some of their common actions are robbing people and stabbing them.

Now what about The Boondocks Season 3? Latarian Milton will be appearing on The Boondocks Season 3 Episode 6 though it is a spoofed character named Lamilton Taeshawn. This character will bring trouble to Riley, one of the major characters. The episode is entitled “Smokin With Cigarette”. The episode will air tonight on Adult Swim at 11:30 PM ET.

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