Monday, June 7, 2010

RJ Berger in Hard Times: Music Television turning into Scripted Television

Hard Times of RJ Berger is going to give comedy series new face by adding weird and dirty dimensions to it.

MTV which has started with an all music channel has now broken the shell by getting more into reality shows. But now reality shows are not much in demand as they were delivered in ample MTV is coming up with a scripted comic series.

This new series of teen comedy have played with fantasies that men usually think of by adding a new taste of today.

This teen comedy however has every vital element of ‘American Pie’ kind movies and falls shadow upon ‘Malcolm In The Middle’. Despite its scarcity of an original concept it still assures to be hilarious for those belonging to this age group.

RJ Berger is the classic loser with everyone around him but facing the scarcity of confidence that many boys and girls go through at his age.

The story becomes interesting when he fortuitously renders himself in front of the entire school in a basketball match. The revelation is chased by a sequence of gags that arrays from being raunchy to absolute lame but lastly giving RJ Berger confidence that he needs utterly. Repeating the old love story that hot chick falls for a geek guy comes in this series as well.

The ‘Loser’ progressively copes to conquer the geek tag by combating against the problems that young kids face.

To keep the audience glued to the series Creators David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith need to work a bit harder as their show is based on the old concept. Timings of the show is at 9pm Monday onwards but for commencing episode on 6 June it is 10 pm Sunday on MTV.

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