Monday, June 21, 2010

maryse wardrobe malfunction

Maryse Wardrobe Malfunction

The WWE is not just about wrestling it is also about the entertainment. The WWE has some women events apart from the major male matches. These events have some awesomely hot female wrestlers  in it.

These women are called as the WWE Divas. They are not less than any super model in style and beauty. The WWE has a WWE Women’s Championship title as well. Last night the great mega event fatal 4way took place. Apart from other exciting matches it also featured the WWE women’s title match.

The match was awesome all the women were showing great strength and agility. The contestants included Maryse and Alicia Fox, Eve and Kim. Eve was the defending women’s champion. It was expected that she might just successfully defend her title. The match started and it was great the girls were giving a tough competition to each other.
Maryse Participates In A Ovw Bikini Contest

All the girls fought bravely, the ladies are so strong that if they fight a normal man who is not a bodybuilder or a wrestler or a martial arts specialist they can easily beat him. In the last moments of the match Maryse was pinned by Alicia and she became the new WWE champion. A strange thing that took place was that Maryse wardrobe malfunction. While she was getting pinned her underwear slipped aside and that created a lot of media buzz. The Maryse wardrobe malfunction pictures are all over the internet. Maryse wardrobe malfunction made her very ashamed; she did not just loose the match she also had to face this disgust as well.

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