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Saving Grace

Saving Grace Starring Holly Hunter Series Finale Airs on TNT

saving grace

Saving Grace, the cable TV draama starring Holly Hunter, aired its series finale on June 21, 2010, with a dramatic ending open to interpretation.

Saving Grace, starring Holly Hunter, aired its series finale on TNT cable television, on Monday, June 21, 2010, Holly Hunter portrayed flawed Oklahoma cop Grace Hanadarko, with a dark side and a last chance angel named Earl (Leon Rippy). The series ending was dramatic and open to interpretation.
Saving Grace was ended by TNT after three years. According to information by the series writers on the Saving Grace website, the writers always thought they would have a full season for the final story arc for Grace. Instead, they had to wrap up the series in three final episodes, making the final episodes seem disjointed.

Grace Hanadarko Portrayed by Holly Hunter

Grace was not always a likeable character, but for all her faults, she had a good heart. Grace was a crack detective with a penchant for booze, cigarettes and recreational sex, but she was for the most part well loved in the Oklahoma Police Department, by her friends and family.
Grace Hanadarko stubbornly held on to her self destructive habits, even when she was assigned last change angel, Earl. With his mellow voice and warm personality, Earl, portrayed by Leon Rippy, was one of the best parts of the show.
In the series premiere, Earl the Last Chance Angel, asked Grace if she was ready to give her life to God. The series finale answers the question.
Saving Grace Series Ending
Saving Grace covered good and evil, worldliness and spirituality. As to the series ending, it was dramatic and somewhat open to interpretation, which was the stated intention of the series writers.
Saving Grace ended with Grace taking out an evil being and herself via an explosion. The ending was teary, as a body bag was carried out of the rubble and Grace's co-workers, friends and family stood and saluted. Earl, the angel, stood in the crowd and saluted along with everybody else, leading one to wonder why he wasn't guiding Grace to heaven.
The story ending fell short of the entire point of the series, which was saving Grace. In a show that purported to be about spirituality, the writers focused on the sadness of her friends and survivors, but did not follow through to indicate to the viewer whether Grace was happily in heaven.
Cast of Saving Grace
The cast of Saving Grace includes Holly Hunter as Grace Hanadarko, Leon Rippy as Earl the Last Chance Angel, Laura San Giacomo as Rhetta Rodriguez, Lorraine Toussaint as Kate Perry, Bailey Chase as Butch Ada, Kenny Johnson as Det. Ham Dewey, Yaani King as Neely Lloyd, Gregory Norman Cruz as Bobby Stillwater and Dylan Minnette as Clay.
Saving Grace aired on TNT cable televsion for three years. The series finale was on June 21, 2010.

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