Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wu Tang Clan Name Generator

Wu-Tang Clan Name Generator: What’s Your Wu-Tang Clan Name?
How cool is it to be named “Promiscuous Protestah”? Or “Eight-Legged DJ?” How about “Thirty-Sixth Killah?” These are the names that can be generated using Wu-Tang Clan name generator.

Wu-Tang clan has always been known for their unusual languages. Members of the hip-hop group have their own etymology and, somehow, very unique names.

Why not create your own “Wu-Tang Clane name?” Using the name generator, just put your real name, and in one click of a button, you now have a “Wu-Tang Clan name.”

So go ahead and try looking for name generator in the web. There are lots of versions available there. And remember, “use it wisely soldier”. An by the way, just call me “Bilious Bad Janitah”

Oh! And if you can’t generate your Wu-Tang Clan name, just leave your name in the comment, and I will gladly generate them for you.

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